ESD Static Protection



Made of special conductive plastics
Elastic brush, without damage to the componets
Resistance : 103~106W
Bristle Hardness : Semi-fine


Item No. Style Bristle Dimensions
ST-A603 Round 1/8” diameter, 0.78”H
ST-A604 Long Handle 1.3”L x 0.63”H x 0.35”W
ST-A605 Long Handle 2.3”L x 0.78”H x 0.39”W
ST-A606 Flat 2.16”L x 1.57”H x 0.23”W
ST-A607 Flat 0.70”L x 1.57”H x 0.23”W
ST-A608 Curved Handle 2.56”L x 0.94”H x 1.22”W