Insulated Screwdriver


○Tip heat-treated and black finished to prolong life span
○Blade made of CR-V, and wear well from professional treated
○Ergonomically designed hand provide more comfort, specially treated handle surface offers more slip-resistance

STD-9023 Flat Blade 2.5 x 80mm
STD-9034 Flat Blade 3.0 x 80mm
STD-9044 Flat Blade 4.0 x 100mm 
STD-9055 Flat Blade 5.5 x 125mm
STD-9066 Flat Blade 6.5 x 150mm
STD-9087 Flat Blade 8.0 x 175mm

STD-9932 Phillips #0 x 80mm
STD-9953 Phillips #1 x 80mm
STD-9964 Phillips #2 x 100mm
STD-9986 Phillips #3 x 150mm

STD-9732 Pozi #0 x 80mm
STD-9753 Pozi #1 x 80mm
STD-9764 Pozi #2 x 100mm
STD-9786 Pozi #3 x 150mm