12-IN 1 Interchangeable Precision Screwdriver Set


Interchangeable double ended blades
Hold tiny screws
Comfortable grip
Portable case is foldable

˙Precision screwdriver set uses sturdy material for a unique portable case design, everything is safely fixed inside and will not fall out.
˙The screwdriver makes it easy to tighten or loosen screws for faster and more efficient repairs.
˙Rotating cap provides better precision and control, saving time and increasing efficiency.
• Telescopic Extension Bar with Handle +Magnetic on the bottom
• 6Pcs H4 x 120mm Bit :
    SL2.0 & PH00
    SL2.5 & PH0
    SL3.0 & PH1
    TX5 & TX8
    TX6 & TX9
    TX7 & TX10